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About Us

Established in NCR region of New Delhi, India, in 1985, our company has been manufacturing and supplying a host of oxygen/nitrogen and acetylene plants in close technical association of . Our products come in different capacities in order to fulfill the different capacity requirement of customers. Despite of difference in sizes, their purity remains same. Our products are technologically very advanced and high performing. We do not allow our products to be shipped before carrying our quality checks by different concerned departments. Even each manufacturing stage is also supervised by senior engineers.

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Power Saving

Our oxygen/nitrogen and acetylene plants require low power to function and thus saving a huge amount. All they need to function is atmospheric air and electricity. Minimum power is needed, but you need to make sure that continues flow of electricity is maintained. Have an alternative source of power in case one the regular one fails. Nowadays, gen sets are also a good option. If you have access to gen sets, then it is fine or we may also help you get one at economical rates.


The technology of our machines is acquired from as this Italian company has been successfully serving the international market since 1930. Apart from the technology, its designs are also creative so sought after in the world. Italian technology supported by reliable raw materials and banded components make our products popular in the world. We have technical assistance with the company to get the best designs and technology and update them time to time.


ColdBox Side Inner View
ColdBox Side Inner Part
ColdBox Side Inner View

Customer care

We understand the requirement of customers and their need of communication so we have a well equipped customer care department to serve existing as well as potential customers. Our executives can easily be contacted round the clock though all mediums of communications. If you want just a call back from us, just send us an email and we will contact you in no time. The executives are well trained and have ability to prepare a technical quotation according to the requirement of a customer.

Worldwide customers

With the high quality, fully automatic and technologically advanced systems, we have become able to manufacture above 500 plants and components and supply them all over the world. We have our customers in all over the globe, including Yemen, France, America, England, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Our all customers are happy with our products and their performance. In addition, they also appreciate our after sales service.


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