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Oxygen Plants India

Oxygen plants of our organization comes in different capacities, which ranges from 50 m3/hr to 10000 m3/hr and generates oxygen with purity upto 99.7%. A particular size plant’s capacity can be increased in later stage just by adding a few components. This purity is perfect for medical and industrial application so the oxygen plant are supplied in all over the world. The oxygen plant does not require much maintenance so it is easy to run for years. The systems need atmospheric air to compress. Air compressors have inbuilt air suction filter to suck the atmospheric air and leave behind the impurities mixed with air. Oxygen-plants is a leading manufacturing company of various industrial gases. The company makes oxygen plant, air separation plant, oxygen nitrogen plant, cryogenic air separation plants, acetylene gas plant and liquid oxygen plant. We are a dedicated manufacturer of oxygen plant, oxygen gas plant, liquid nitrogen plants, industrial & medical oxygen production plants supplier in India.

Salient features

  • Latest technology
  • Smooth performance
  • Minimum power consumption
  • No chance of defect

Our oxygen plants india carry a lot of features such as latest technology, high performance, low power consumption and the list goes on. These features make the oxygen plants demanding in the international market. Apart from the oxygen plants and other products, our services are also customer friendly and easy to avail. Once installed, they perform for years without malfunctioning. Purity analyzer is also provided with the systems so that the operator can check the purity anytime. There are no reciprocating parts. The capacity of a particular plant can be increased by upto 25% just by adding a few equipments.

We are a leading manufacturer of oxygen plants in India and have a number of customers located over 50 countries. Each customer is happy with the products and services of our company. Our engineers remain round the clock ready to help our customers round the year. We are also recognized as the best oxygen plant suppliers of India. We have a responsive customer care team that is always keen to help out customers with their queries. Amongst the oxygen plant manufacturers and oxygen plant suppliers in India, we have got the best after sales service. All of our clients in Middle-east countries are satisfied with the performace of the plants and the quality of our after sales service.

oxygen plants india

UBP-50 M3/Hr

oxygen plants in india

Technical Table :

PRODUCTION UBP-50 UBP-100 UBP-200 UBP-250 UBP-300 UBP-400 UBP-500 UBP-600 UBP-800 UBP-1000
OXYGEN (NM3/HR) CYLINDERS PER DAY 50 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
200 400 800 1000 1200 1600 2000 2400 3200 4000
NITROGEN NM3/HR 50 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
OXYGEN PURITY-% 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7
NITROGEN (%) 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9

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