Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Our liquid nitrogen plants are high quality, technologically advanced and automatic performing plants, which need minimum power to function. They are manufactured for people located anywhere in the world as geographical condition is not a bar for our products as well as services. Our products are manufactured as per the requirement of international standards. Prices of the products are also very low as we are an EOU company, which allows us to buy raw materials at tax free rates. Raw materials and resources in India are also easily available. We are manufacturing high quality products at minimum rates. Our products have to pass through our rigorous quality test before being available for final use. We hire experienced professionals to execute each work with perfection.

Features of our liquid oxygen plants

  • Fully automatic functioning
  • No reciprocating parts
  • Environment friendly
  • Light weight
  • No gas loss

Our liquid nitrogen plants are manufactured at our well equipped production units in New Delhi, India and supplied all over the world. We have our customers located over 50 countries all over the world, including Yemen, France, America, England, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Our all customers are very happy with the performance of our systems. In addition, our after sales services are also fast and reliable. We remain round the clock ready to serve our domestic as well as international customers. Engineers remain ready with valid documents required for international visits. To get our technical documentation and psa nitrogen gas plant cost and liquid nitrogen gas generator price in India, just contact us now.

Technical Specifications
UBTLN-50 50 73 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-100 100 145 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-200 200 218 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-300 300 435 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-400 400 578 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-500 500 724 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-1000 1000 1440 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-1500 1500 2171 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-2000 2000 2894 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-3000 3000 4341 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-4000 4000 5788 99.99 To 99.99999%
UBTLN-5000 5000 7235 99.99 To 99.99999%

Capacity/Model - UBTLN - 1000 m3/hr.

Capacity/Model - UBTLN - 100 m3/hr.