We are leaders in fabricating and manufacturing oxygen gas plants and nitrogen gas plant using the latest cryogenic technology.  We use the brand Universal Boschi as Dr Boschi of ING. L. & A. Boschi certification to use the brand name Boschi Italy in all the oxygen nitrogen and argon plants manufactured by universal as per Boschi Italy technology acquired since 1985.

The first column was developed in 1989 by Universal with the expertise of Italian engineers posted at New Delhi with Boschi know-how & designs.

In a press conference held on 5th November, 1990 at New Delhi, Dr. Boschi announced the opening of new factory under brand name of ING. L. & A. Boschi. He further added that our company was a certified manufacturer of Boschi Italy brand oxygen nitrogen plants and the quality was comparable to the best in the world.

Air separation columns (100% cryogenic grade stainless steel)

Air separation columns are the main part of the oxygen plant process and it operated under sub zero temperatures up to minus 190 degrees centigrade.

Why 100% cryogenic grade stainless steel air separation column was developed by universal Boschi for oxygen nitrogen plants?

Our in-house R & D center and engineers has taken 27 years with Boschi Italy technical know-how, original designs and drawings to manufacture a column with 100% stainless steel vacuum insulated condensor in the main air separation column.

We are the first company to develop 100% stainless steel column in 2002 with the original drawings and designs acquired from ING. L & A . Boschi legally since 1985 over one decade.

Cold box column -stainless steel -cryogenic grade built to en-European/ASME standards

What is process skid?

This is a complete packaged unit skid mounted with all items from the after cooler, moisture separators, nitrogen cooler, pre-cooling unit, oil adsorber & hydrocarbon filters. Molecular sieve battery with special filtration system all factory fitted and supplied as a packaged unit ready for installation.


The oxygen nitrogen plants in the early 1960 and 70’s used all parts such as coolers, cascade cooler, pre-cooling unit ,moisture separator ,molecular sieve battery, etc ,made in ordinary mild steel and pipes of coolers also in iron.

Subsequently in Europe and America with the development of higher strength carbon steel pipes and high tensile materials astm 106 grade b pipes seamless and also carbon steel were developed and used in the manufacture of coolers and molecular sieve battery of oxygen nitrogen plants.

Why process skid was developed by Universal Boschi in 2002 for oxygen plants?

  • Before 2002 coolers, cascade cooler, pre-cooling unit, moisture separator, molecular sieve battery etc were supplied separately as individual equipments with the oxygen nitrogen plant .
  • There were complicated concrete foundations made at the plant site
  • Lot of complicated piping at site & due to lack of proper welding facilities leakages occurred
  • There was alignment problem and lot of delays in installation of the oxygen plants due so many individual separate parts
  • There were chances of damage and missing parts which is completely eliminated by a single process, skid having all the parts of the purification unit like coolers, cascade cooler, pre-cooling unit moisture separator, molecular sieve battery etc mounted & pre-installed with piping .
  • Hence the installation time of universal Boschi oxygen nitrogen plants reduced to only 15 to 20 days.
  • Earlier there were operational problems as there was no single point of control .hence now it is very easy to install & operate.

Air compressor (oil free) new technology

Universal Boschi is supplying with a wide range of oil free air compressors for select models and developed countries facing stringent safety requirements. These are ready to start packaged units and are oil free designs.

Why universal offers world class oil free air compressors solutions?

  • Compressors available in India are mostly oil lubricated oil piston type.
  • Conventional air compressors are all oil lubricated and may not be designed to run continuously.
  • All parts are rubbing with heavy crankshafts and reciprocating mechanism and are subject to high breakdown.
  • Ingersol rand developed oil piston compressor in 1923 & is old technology.
  • Oxygen nitrogen plants need very high quality of oil free air which cannot be supplied using Indian piston oil compressors.
  • Safety requirements do not permit oil laden air to enter column and mix with oxygen.
  • Many accidents are reported each year of oxygen plants using hevy bulky oil piston air compressors.
  • Hence oil free air compressors provide a completely oil free solution.
  • Universal Boschi felt the dire need to develop the complete range of oil free solution for oxygen plants.
  • Medical oxygen does not permit to use oil piston air compressors.
  • Food grade nitrogen and high quality oxygen not permit hydrocarbons above 0. 3 to 3ppm.