Liquid Oxygen Plant

Liquid oxygen plant designed and developed by our company in technical collaboration with ING. L. &A. BOSCHI of Italy is fully automatic and smooth performing. The plants generate liquid oxygen, which finds application in a number of industries such as water process, ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metal refinery, coal mines and pharmaceutical industry. Air compressors employed have inbuilt suction filters to suck atmospheric air and compress it. Each component before using is checked carefully many times by concerned teams to ensure safety and smooth performance.

Vital features

  • New technology
  • Compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Low power consumption

The prices of our liquid oxygen plants are comparatively very low as we are an EOU company. This means we are entitled to purchase the raw materials at cost effective rates and thus become able to sell products at low prices. We are a quality conscious company, which helps us get certified by a number of certification, including CE and ISO. Each certification has its own importance for example CE certification is necessary for companies willing to supply products in the USA and European markets. How liquid oxygen is made – To get our technical documentation of manufacturing oxygen plant machinery for industrial & medical application and oxygen cylinder filing plant cost in India, just contact us now.

Technical Specification Data
Liquid Oxygen output(liters per hour)60120235350470590
Purity Oxygen (%)99.799.799.799.799.799.7
Liquid nitrogen output(liters per hour)73144290435578700
Purity nitrogen (%)99% to 99.999%or ppm99% to 99.999%or ppm99% to 99.999%or ppm99% to 99.999%or ppm99% to 99.999%or ppm99% to 99.999%or ppm

Capacity/Model - UBTL - 50 m3/hr.

Capacity/Model - UBTL - 500 m3/hr.