Oxygen Nitrogen Plants

Oxygen/nitrogen plant generates both oxygen and nitrogen; therefore it has become popular all over the world. People want a single plant to generate both the gases and thus they can save their money as well as space. The oxygen nitrogen generating systems come in different capacities so one can book one as per the capacity requirement. If your requirement is huge, you can consider the small capacity systems. On the other hand, if your requirement is minimal, you should place your order for the small ones. Despite of difference in sizes, the purity of every size machines remains same.

Notable Features

  • Fully automatic functioning
  • Easy to use
  • Power saving
  • Environment friendly

Oxygen and nitrogen plant of our company is fully automatic and does not requirement much manpower involvement. If it meets with any malfunction, it informs the operator either creating sound or switching on a bulb. Prices are also affordable as we are an EOU company. In addition, raw materials and resources are also easily available at cost effective rates. Our engineering and after sales services are also available in no time. Contact us to get information and quotation of our products. We are operational in almost all over the world so location is not an issue for us. Want to know: Oxygen Nitrogen Plant Cost in India and PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator Price?

Technical Specification


MODELCAPACITY IN M3/HOURNUMBER OF CYLINDERS PER DAYPurity of oxygen producedPressure of oxygen in cylinders
UB-505020099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-808030099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-10010040099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-15015060099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-20020080099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-300300120099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-400400160099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-500500200099.7%150-200 BAR
UB-10001000400099.7%150-200 BAR

Capacity/Model - UB - 80 m3/hr.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling System