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Oxygen Plant in India

oxygen plants manufacturers oxygen plant manufacturer

Our company manufactures and exports oxygen gas production plants that are used for generating high purity oxygen in wide range of industries such as medical industry, metallurgy, glass and ceramics, automobile, grazing, cutting and welding, aerospace, oil & gas, etc.We use cryogenic distillation technology in the manufacturing of our cylinder filling oxygen plants because cryogenic is the preferred technology for generation high purity oxygen. And, this technology is also preferred for prodution of oxygen on large scale.In terms of quality and prices, we are second to none in the world. Our cryogenic oxygen plants are constructed using high quality cryogenic grade stainless steel. Our cryogenic air separation units (ASU) are high quality and produce oxygen that is free of any contamination. Best quality raw materials are used in the making of oxygen gas plants that meet the exacting standards of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Our O2 plants and N2 plants give purity up to 99.7% and 99.9% respectively. Our LOX( Liquid Oxygen) plant & LN2 ( Liquid Nitrogen) plant come in different sizes and capacities ranging from 20 liter/hour to 500 liter/hour.

Why to Choose Our Oxygen Generator Plant?

Being reputed oxygen plant manufacturer, we place great premium on quality. Our oxygen gas plants, oxygen nitrogen plants and liquid oxygen plant have been awarded with numerous certifications, including CE and ISO. We maintain quality of our products, which allow us to get awarded with prestigious certifications. They are vital to supply products in the USA and European markets. Without CE certification, no oxygen generating plants and other products are accepted in the USA and European markets. We are an EOU company as well-meaning we are certified by government of India to purchase raw materials at tax free rates. The chief advantage of buying an oxygen cylinder filling plant us is that you will get to use the plant machinery that is efficient, reliable and high performing. As mentioned before, our oxygen plant manufacturing machinery is top class fabricated as it is with the best technology available in the market. We also offer small medical oxygen and PSA oxygen plants for use in hospitals and other medical purposes.

Salient Features of Oxygen Plants:

  • Leak proof stainless steel column
  • Latest BOSCHI-ITALY oxygen plant design
  • Latest molecular Sieve absorption of Zeochem, Switzerland
  • Very compact & sturdy oxygen
  • Very low maintenance for producing oxygen gas
  • Low working pressure of oxygen gas manufacturing plant
  • Raw material -Free Atmosphere Air for producing oxygen/nitrogen gas/liquid
  • Built in Liquid Oxygen / Nitrogen pump with internal gas vaporizer for filling of bone dry and high purity oxygen gas in cylinders
  • Hydraulic type Expansion Engine for oxygen plants
  • Top leading Manufacturing Company of various Industrial Gas Plant
  • Oxygen Gas Generation Plant for Hospital Medial Uses
  • Liquid Oxygen Gas Filling Plant Manufacturers
  • Oxygen Plant Machinery Manufacturers India

Oxygen plants are industrial systems designed to generate oxygen. Our company makes oxygen plants, air separation plant, industrial oxygen plants manufacturers & nitrogrn gas plant, liquid oxygen plants, cryogenic air separation plants, oxygen/nitrogen plant and cryogenic oxygen plant. OxygenPlants is a leading manufacturers, exporters and resellers of nitrogen oxygen plants, oxygen gas filling plant system, acetelyene gas plant for welding, glass and other uses and industrial oxygen plant generator manufacturer for hospitals in India.

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